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Post  Kiera on Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:41 am

This group is designed with a potential rating of R. While many, if not most, threads and posts within this group may be quite tame at times there is no guarantee that profanity, sexual situations, and gore will not be included in posts.  While Profanity, sexual situations, and gore are allowed we request that they be kept appropriate to the situation.  Cursing just to curse is simply childish and crass, and going into drop by drop detail of a bloody scene can often do little more than tire your fingers.  Remember, there are times that less is more.

Game Rules will follow the Star Wars Saga published manuals. House rules are allowed with prior notice. If there is a disagreement about rules that cannot be sorted out between players or between a GM and the players rules will default to the most recently published rule applicable to the situation in the Star Wars Saga manuals except where players were notified of house rules before the start of a campaign. Character simulations without a set GM are welcome and even encouraged, however in the event that there are disagreements between characters (I.E. a fight between two characters) in one of these sims and the players cannot come to a mutual agreement on the result of such disagreements the simulation shall be brought to the attention of a moderator or admin who will then make the final decision on the result of the disagreement.

Dice will be rolled by using the forum based dice.There are two options to roll dice on the forum.  Please note that dice cannot be rolled in the first post on a thread.

  • The first option to roll dice on the forum is to use the tool bars within a post.  At the top of your post window near the text editing option should be a white button with an elipses ( ... ) clicking that button should expand your tool bars. In the 2nd of the new tool bars shown you should see a grey die at the end of the tool bar.  Clicking this die will pull down a drop down with different die types to select from.  If the instructions for rolling say xd6 you would select d6.  This action should place two sets of brackets into the main body of your post.  Between these two brackets you would input the value of x.  If the instructions state that you should roll y xd6 then you would use the instructions above y times.  So if y were 2 you would have (roll="D6")x(/roll) (roll="D6")x(/roll) with brackets rather than parentheses.  Then you simply make any comments you would like about the rolls you are making and their purpose, and hit send.
  • The second option to roll dice on the forum is to use the tool at the bottom of the post window.  When making a reply on a pre-existing thread slightly below the Preview and Send buttons there should be a bar that says "Roll" on this bar should be "Roll #1: (dropdown box) Dice Rolls (text box) and a small plus button.  To roll xd6 you would select d6 on the dropdown and then put the value of x into the text box next to Dice Rolls.  If the instructions state that you should roll y xd6 then you would click the little plus sign after setting up your first roll and repeat it exactly to the value of y.  So if y were 2 you would have Roll #1: d6 Dice Rolls: x (push plus and a new line will appear) Roll #2: d6 Dice Rolls x.  Once your dice rolls are selected please ensure you comment in the text box with a relevant comment to the roll, and click send.

Every attempt will be made to have all applicable die types available.  If you need a die type that is not available please contact an Admin to have the die added.  This ensures that all dice rolls are fair.  

If a player feels that a particular GM is "picking on them" they are welcome to contact an Admin or Moderator who will then investigate the situation.

As of this time Game Mastering (GMing) is limited to Admin and moderators. As the group grows and member skills are better understood others will be welcomed into the GM role to further enhance our playing opportunities. If you would like to become a GM please contact an Admin or Moderator with your credentials, Role Playing history, and information on whether you possess the Saga Edition game manuals and which ones.

All Out of Character interaction should be posted in the OOC forum. If you have player interaction regarding a specific campaign please create a thread in the OOC forum with the campaign title so that the GM and other players can find it and read the information in context. GMs are allowed to override the no OOC text in their own campaign threads, however if the GM has not specifically stated that OOC text is allowed in the thread please move it to the OOC forum.

Attacks and ridicule of players shall not be allowed. If there are indications that a user is attacking or ridiculing another user "verbally" or in any other way in this forum the offending user will have all their permissions suspended.  Please keep this in mind before making posts. "Friendly" bantering between players will be allowed if both players are amicable to the banter. If one of the two players in question brings the post to the attention of a moderator or admin then it will be considered a violation and the writer of the offending post will be given a warning.  Only three warnings can be guaranteed to any particular player.  Any further attacking posts against the player who reported will be considered a separate violation. If you feel that a post may be considered friendly banter by the writer but it offends you please inform them directly of such before contacting Admins or Moderators.  We expect members of this forum to act like adults, and that includes working out disagreements amongst yourselves wherever possible.

Players, please be aware that by the nature of role playing a character may dislike your character and it may have nothing to do with you or the other player in question. Please do not take such interactions personally.

Please remember, this is a game and should remain fun for all involved. Thank you!

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