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Post  Kiera on Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:08 am

First ensure that you are registered, once your registration is complete and you have an active username proceed to the next step.

Please read the sub forum descriptions and the Rules and Regulations Announcement thread. Once you have decided that you meet all group requirements and are agreeable to the Rules and Regulations please click on the "Usergroups" link at the top of the page.

Once there it should list any usergroups that you are currently a member of, if this is the first sub-forum you are registering for it should be blank. Under that section is a section titled "Join a Group" with a drop down box. Please select the Teens Group option and click "View Information"

This should take you to a new screen with group information. The third section down should be "Group Membership: This is an open group: click to request membership" and have a "Join Group" button. Click this button and a message for approval will be sent to the Admin.

Please expect a PM or an email from the Admin requesting to confirm that you are of age and that you are willing to follow the group rules. After you have confirmed these details your membership should be confirmed barring any other issues with your request. Once your membership is confirmed you will have full access to the Adult Group sub forums including gaming and OOC interactions.

Thank you,
-Kiera and Starkiller - Admins

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